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Video Surveillance
You Are Being Watched spotlights the high costs of camera surveillance systems, both in terms of money and civil liberties. Do we want a society where we live under an ever-watchful video eye?
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  HORROR STORY: Police staff 'touted nude images'
Police officers zoom surveillance cameras in on nude models, show photographs to pubmates, try to sell snapshots. > More
DC Police Use Surveillance Cameras to Monitor Antiwar Protestors
District of Columbia


Demonstrators were in Washington this weekend to be seen, to have their pictures taken – thousands of demonstrators protesting everything from U.S. Middle East policy to globalization.

They were seen and photographed but not just by the television cameras they hoped to attract. The District of Columbia police watched every move they made.

Where were you going?

On Sept. 27, 2000 officials identified 26,500 Maryland motorists using I-95, and then sent those people letters asking where they were going that day, why and with whom as part of a mass transit survey.

NYPD Officers Use Surveillance Cameras to Watch a Couple Making Love
New York City

A man and woman who shared an intimate moment on a secluded, dark rooftop one August night last year have learned that they were secretly watched, an intrusion made possible by increased police surveillance of protest rallies and other events and also by advanced technology intended to fight terrorists.
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San Francisco Police Officer Used Airport Surveillance Cameras to Ogle Women

A San Francisco police officer faces internal charges that he abandoned his traffic control duties at the airport so he could fiddle with surveillance cameras and ogle women as they walked through the terminal.
Tennesee Middle School Students Filmed in Locker Rooms

Thirty-four Tennessee middle school students sued various officials of the Overton County, Tennessee, public school system alleging that the defendant school authorities violated the students’ constitutional right to privacy by installing and operating video surveillance equipment in the boys’ and girls’ locker rooms in Livingston Middle School , and by viewing and retaining the recorded images.

Graphic Fatal Crash Video Leaked to the Internet

Graphic video of a fatal car crash has been circulating on the Internet, and the agency that operates the toll road where the crash occurred has launched an investigation to determine how the surveillance footage was leaked.
Video Of Suicide In Bronx Housing Project Turns Up On Website

A suicide in a Bronx Housing project was filmed by surveillance cameras in the buliding's lobby, the footage was then leaked and circulated on the the internet.
Queer Students Singled Out by Highschool Administrators, Surveillance Camera Images of Hand-holding and Kissing Shown to Parents

Restrictions on the use of school-security videotape have been tightened after images of two high-school girls kissing were shown to the parents of one of the girls, officials say.

Keith Nelson, dean of students at Gig Harbor High School, said he saw the students kissing and holding hands in the school's busy commons, checked a surveillance camera and showed the parents the tape because they had asked him a few weeks earlier to alert them to any conduct by their daughter that was out of the ordinary.

They then transferred their daughter to a school outside the Peninsula School District, which lies northwest of Tacoma.

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Long Island, NY man charged in tenant spy-cam case

An East Patchogue man has been charged with unlawful surveillance after he allegedly installed equipment in the bedroom and bathroom of a female tenant, according to Suffolk County police.
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Monitoring Legal Behavior

Videos of police undercover acting as protestors are leaked to the media.  Some of the undercover cops are found to have incited trouble.
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Walmart Sued Over Surveillance Camera in Bathroom

Seven former and current Walmart employees are suing the retail giant after one of its Pennsylvania stores installed a surveillance camera in a unisex bathroom used by employees and customers
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