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Video Surveillance
You Are Being Watched spotlights the high costs of camera surveillance systems, both in terms of money and civil liberties. Do we want a society where we live under an ever-watchful video eye?
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  San Francisco Surveillance Cameras Don’t Reduce Violent Crime
A report released today evaluating San Francisco’s surveillance cameras concludes that the cameras have failed in their mission of reducing violent crime in the city.  In line with similar studies from around the world, the report found that San Francisco’s video surveillance cameras do not make people safer.  >More
Let's face it, soon Big Brother will have no trouble recognising you
This is the year when automated face-recognition finally goes mainstream, and it's about time we considered its social and political implications.
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Finding a Way to Review Surveillance Tape in Bulk
An agency under the director of national intelligence is seeking to develop an automated computer program that could process millions of feet of videotape.
Obama Stimulus Buys $8M in Airport Spy Cameras
Five domestic airports will share nearly $8 million worth of new surveillance cameras, thanks to the Obama administration’s stimulus package.
CCTV in the spotlight: one crime solved for every 1,000 cameras
There are more than one million CCTV cameras in London, and the Government has spent £500m on the equipment. But, in 2008, only 1,000 crimes were solved using CCTV images because officers failed to make the most of potentially vital evidence.
UK Public to monitor CCTV from home

Members of the public could earn up to £1,000 by monitoring commercial CCTV cameras in their own home, in a scheme planned to begin next month.

UK Traffic Cameras Used to Harass Peaceful Protestors
Police in the UK have been flagging the license plate numbers of people attending peaceful protests using the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) camera network.  Cameras are then used to trace their movements, and when a flagged vehicle enters a locality, local police are alerted to stop and search the vehicle.

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