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Video Surveillance
You Are Being Watched spotlights the high costs of camera surveillance systems, both in terms of money and civil liberties. Do we want a society where we live under an ever-watchful video eye?

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CITRIS Evaluation of the SF Community Safety Camera Program, An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of San Francisco's Community Safety Cameras (December 2008)

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"CARLSBAD: Pine Avenue Park to get surveillance cameras," North County Times, May 29, 2009. Online>

Contra Costa County

"Martinez eyes surveillance camera proposal," Contra Costa Times, October 20, 2009. Online>


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Los Angeles

"Wanna be in pictures? Tag in Montebello," Los Angeles Times, November 15, 2007. Online>

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"ACLU Opposes Surveillance Camera Plan," KCRA 3, September 30, 2009. Online>

"ACLU says police not 'forthcoming,' asks for more on surveillance cameras," California Chronicle, June 22, 2009 Online>

"ACLU opposes City surveillance camera plans, call it 'highly instrusive'," California Chronicle, May 20, 2009. Online>

San Francisco

"City to install several surveillance cameras," Martinez News-Gazette, January 6, 2010. Online>

"SF Police Chief Critical of Crime Cameras," KCBS, September 28, 2009. Online>

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"Officer accused of gawking at women," San Francisco Chronicle, July 17, 2004. Online>

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