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Video Surveillance
You Are Being Watched spotlights the high costs of camera surveillance systems, both in terms of money and civil liberties. Do we want a society where we live under an ever-watchful video eye?

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>Cambridge City Council Order halting work on the Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance camera network until an appropriate regulatory framework is developed. (February 2009)

>Cambridge City Council Order officially opposing the installation of the Department of Homeland Security-funded surveillance camera network. (February 2009)



"Security cameras come to trolleys," Boston Globe, October 17, 2009.  Online>

"As Surveillance Cameras Proliferate, Coalition Forms to Protect Privacy Rights," IBIS Radio, January 9, 2009. Online>


"Brookline to limit use of surveillance cameras this week," Boston Globe, January 17, 2010. Online>

" Brookline surveillance cameras limited to night use," The Brookline Tab, September 23, 2009. Online>

"Opinion: Camera system not designed with Brookline solely in mind," The Brookline Tab, May 29, 2009. Online>

"Surveillance cameras are live in Brookline," The Brookline Tab, April 8, 2009. Online>

"Crews wrapping up Brookline police camera work," The Brookline Tab, February 13, 2009. Online>

"Brookline camera project faces growing backlash," The Brookline Tab, December 3, 2008.  Online>


"Cambridge2Cambridge: Smile! You and 13 of your friends are on camera," Harvard Law Record, April 1, 2009. Online>

"Guest commentary: Why the Cambridge City Council said no to surveillance cameras," Cambridge Chronicle, February 3, 2009. Online>

"Cambridge rejects surveillance cameras," The Boston Gobe, February 3, 2009. Online>

"Fear, outrage build over Cambridge's surveillance cameras," Cambridge Chronicle, January 29, 2009. Online>

"City officials plan to install surveillance cameras in Cambridge," Cambridge Chronicle, August 13, 2008. Online>

North Andover

"Our view: Cameras are no substitute for police," Eagle-Tribune, January 27, 2009. Online>


"Residents speak out against surveillance Cameras," The Somerville News, April 8, 2009. Online>

"Cameras are watching – and residents are not happy," Somerville Journal, April 1, 2009. Online>

"Opinion: Cameras infringe on your right to be left alone," Somerville Journal, March 25, 2009. Opinion>



"Worcester installs surveillance cameras," New England Cable News, September 29, 2009. Online>

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