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Video Surveillance
You Are Being Watched spotlights the high costs of camera surveillance systems, both in terms of money and civil liberties. Do we want a society where we live under an ever-watchful video eye?

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"Top cop nixes cameras in bars," Baltimore Sun, September 11, 2009. Online>

"Chief vetoes bar-surveillance idea," Baltimore Sun, September 11, 2009. Online>

"A local bar agrees to sprout eyes, and that raises some eyebrows," Baltimore Sun, September 9, 2009. Online>

"Under Surveillance: Government spy cameras proliferate," Scripps Howard News Service, June 22, 2006. Online>

"Chicago mayor outlines elaborate camera network," Associated Press, September 9, 2004. Online>


"Gaithersburg police test surveillance cameras," Maryland Community Gazette, September 2, 2009. Online>



"Videotaping Crackdown Considered," The Washington Post, February 17, 2004.

"Every time teachers went into the employee bathroom at the Laurel private school, someone was watching. In the ceiling, right behind the sprinkler head, a tiny video camera was capturing images of them using the toilet and pumping breast milk. One videotape was found in a school VCR, and the culprit told prosecutors he had planned to sell the recordings on the Internet. But what really outraged the victims -- and has brought the case to the attention of Maryland state legislators -- was what happened in court. Wade Carl Hoffarth, a former maintenance technician for the Phillips School, was sentenced in 2002 to just four months in the Howard County jail. Under state law, Hoffarth would have done more time -- perhaps five years -- if he had merely audiotaped the bathroom activities. Wiretapping is a felony, but videotaping is a misdemeanor."

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